Akechi Motors is an independent dealer (and manufacturer) of automobiles, motorcycles, and Landmate powered armour suits. Starting out as a small business with only several maintenance bays and one showroom, Akechi steadily grows and almost doubles in size by the end of the 2130s,[1] even in the face of Olympus's civic policy of discouraging personal transportation in favour of mass transit systems.

Akechi Motors is probably best known for it's superior Landmate designs, of which some were the first to be used in domestic law-enforcement agencies, product of often-underappreciated mechanic and engineer, Yoshitsune Miyamoto.

Notes and References[]

  • At least according to the movies, Akechi Motors later loses Miyamoto's genius to ES.W.A.T., which by the timeframe of 2004 movie, depicts him as a non-commissioned officer responsible for overseeing the paramilitary's Landmate fleet maintenance. However, neither the 2004 or 2007 episodes makes any mention of Akechi, so it's uncertain whether the auto dealer exists in these interpretations of the saga.
  1. According to changes in depiction and footnotes, as per Shirow Masamune between books one through four.