2004 DVD cover

2004 (Japan) 2005 (USA)
102 minutes
R (Some violence)
DVD (Geneon, Sentai Filmworks), Blu-ray (Sentai Filmworks), 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (Sentai Filmworks, Paramount Pictures)
One Hell of a Ride!

The first installment in the planned contemporary trilogy is placed slightly earlier in the timeframe than the original OVA anime, and as such, aiming towards a new generation that may have never read the manga, starts from the ground up with minimal references to a non-depicted past.



It was just another day on the battlefield for platoon commander Deunan Knute, until her comrades fall under the fire of a rogue brigade of ruthless cyborg soldiers, who pick them off one by one in a brutal game of cat and mouse. Cornered and outgunned, her own death is imminent, until a squad of white mech warrior paratroopers drive back the adversaries at the last minute. Fleeing from the newcomers, who could be rival foe as much as friend, Deunan is struck in the back by sedative bullets, and collapses. Unknown to her, she has just been rescued from the war-torn wastelands of devastated Europe by ES.W.A.T.'s headhunter Hitomi, and soon to be brought into the utopian Olympus she never knew existed.

All of the major characters debut within the first ten minutes of the film's beginning, and the history that led to their relevance is discussed amongst themselves, explaining what happened in the years leading up to 2131, including the creation of Olympus and how it operates as a society.

For a plot, drawing similarities from the 1988 OVA, the city is again threatened from within, this time by warring human factions who either want to wipe out the peaceful, genetically engineered Bioroids, or install them as the supreme race of Earth. The wheels of two very-opposite genocides are quickly put in motion, and Deunan's talents are called upon as a newly-minted ES.W.A.T. operative. To save the lives of billions, she must try to remember the traumatic childhood she'd forgotton up until now, and face the present realities before her. The solution to the struggle, she has been told, is simple: find the Appleseed data, and furnish it to the Bioroid faction, which belongs to neither side of the genocidal battle. But what might the Appleseed be, and where can she find it?