Appleseed Genesis

Press release graphic for Appleseed Genesis

Appleseed: Genesis, is the name of the first Appleseed television series, that was cancelled in its earliest stages of preproduction, mid 2008. It was to be produced by Micott and Basara, and computer animated by Radix Studios. Directors and voice actors were already lined up and scripts being prepared, when conflicts between Micott and Basara and the animation studios broke out, resulting in the project being put on extended hiatus, prior to being cancelled.

Although little is known about what the series might have been, it was, at the time, being marketed as a continuation in the contemporary retelling of the saga, containing new elements of the story which had first debuted in the 2004 and 2007 movie episodes, although rumours persisted that it might be written as a prequel to the first movie, following the exploits of Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires during the final throes of World War IV. This seemed less likely when the only press release graphic ever shown for the series, showed an outline of both characters in full ES.W.A.T. battledress uniform.

Micott and Basara never quite gave up on the plan to make Appleseed into a miniseries, however. Two years later, it has recently announced another attempt, entitled Appleseed XIII.