The End of Eden is the first episode of the series Appleseed XIII. It debuted June 1, 2011 in Japan, premiering on the website Nico Nico Douga at midnight.


This premise has been written after watching the episode presented with unofficial English subtitles. It is presented on an as-is basis, and may be inaccurate.

Episode Premise[]


The story begins as a flashback with series protagonists Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires in the wartorn badlands, eating a final tin of uncontaminated food while discussing whether or not they will ever find a peaceful place to live. Deunan calls it their Eden, and then ponders out loud if she will marry in this place, baiting a response from Briareos; a man whom she still holds obvious affection for, even since the horrific injury that resulted in his near total cyberization.

Briareos chuckles, and makes a reference to her deceased father, saying "Carl would probably cry tears of joy," at this, which evokes a characteristically fiery response from Deunan, who punches him in the ribs.

Deunan removes a serrated combat knife from a BDU holster, and looks at her reflection in the sheen of the blade. "But I know how this knife so much better than a kitchen knife," she says.


The screen fades into the present, during a combined ES.W.A.T. and Olympus Police operation at night. Ten people have been taken hostage, and they must be rescued. The Human Liberation Front claims responsibility for the act, and demands that several of their imprisoned leaders be released, or else the ten will be killed.

Following an HLF ambush that destroys several Kotus robotic police officers prior to the operation even beginning, ESWAT takes over with a team of six Landmates, piloted by Deunan, Briareos, Max, Baxter, Gina, and one other troop.

The hostage takers, also utilizing Landmates, realize their game is up, and flee the scene. While the ESWAT landmates move in to rescue the hostages, Deunan disobeys orders and pursues the two HLF Landmates, engaging in a risky high-speed chase through the deserted streets of Olympus. Briareos follows, and a gunfight ensues. One of the terrorists crashes into a skyscraper, while the other is shot to pieces in midair by Deunan; as it crash lands onto a nearby roof, it drops a cargo box it was carrying, nearly crushing a civilian. At the last minute, Briareos catches the box, saving the bystander, who is later revealed to be Dia Cadence, a Bioroid from Poseidon.


The next day, Olympus Prime Minister Athena Areios and her assistant Nike review the police report for the previous night's hostage taking, paying particular attention to the recovered cargo box. It contains an anti-gravity generator called the Damysos that is patented by Poseidon, and widely used in Olympus. Why the terrorists were trying to steal one is unclear.

It is later discovered that their Landmates were heading to an abandoned levitating city once owned by Poseidon, indicating that it might be the new HLF base of operations, thus explaining why the terrorist groups recent attacks have been better equipped with superior weapons, and anti-gravity flight Landmates. Until now, the HLF had been in a state of decline.


Deunan and Briareos are by now on a 72-hour break from duty, motorcycling to the seaside. During the ride, Briareos thinks back to the last world war that he, Deunan, and her father Carl Knute, all served in as soldiers. He also recounts about how her mother, of distant African descent, was killed in an act of racial violence.

Returning to his senses, Briareos recalls the hostage taking, and criticizes Deunan for breaking rank and pursuing the terrorists, pointing out how the bystander, Dia, was nearly killed. To this, Deunan confides in him about how she has yet to feel comfortable with the other troops in ESWAT, and only really trusts him for backup. Briareos flatly says if this is her attitude, then she should quit the counterterrorist organization. Angered, she smacks him in the face, and then leaves.


Later that night, following the final call at a local bar, Deunan drunkenly staggers over to close friend Hitomi's house, hoping to stay the night as she is still angry and unwilling to return home with Briareos. The front door opens, revealing Dia Cadence. Hitomi introduces her as a brand new Bioroid visiting from Poseidon, and welcomes Deunan inside, who later passes out, still clutching a half-drunk bottle of wine.

Dia calls Briareos, who collects Deunan and takes her home to their loft above a coffee shop owned by Hitomi. Overnight, Deunan dreams about the first time she saw him in hospital following his cyberization, and blames herself for not being able to prevent his wartime injury.


A few days later, ES.W.A.T. is alerted to an illicit meeting between two groups of supposed terrorists, about to settle a human-smuggling deal. A four-member Landmate team, including Briareos and Deunan, moves in and quickly interrupts the meeting, only to discover that one of the "terrorists" is actually a senior Poseidon diplomat, while the other, an unidentified male, is flagged (on ES.W.A.T.'s face-recognition program) as a wanted man, sought by multiple world governments. As the diplomat claims immunity, Briareos incredulously informs him that Poseidon has just this minute denied he exists, thus enabling him to be arrested.


At that second, a massive, unusually-designed Landmate storms the room, and opens fire at everyone, killing the diplomat's assistant, and several ES.W.A.T. troops; Briareos is injured and incapacitated. The surprise attacker grabs both the diplomat and wanted terrorist in its Landmate hands, and flees the scene, Deunan in frantic pursuit. Her Landmate's gun is unable to penetrate the armor of the enemy's model, and is overpowered by its weapons, which includes a rear-facing minigun.


As she gets closer to the enemy Landmate, it spins around, and throws the diplomat at her, whom she catches in midair, just before losing control and crashing onto the roof of a nearby police car. A Wasp Insertion Aircraft then collects her and takes the diplomat into custody, flying them both to ES.W.A.T. HQ. There, Deunan meets Briareos in the hospital. Visibly disturbed at his injuries, Briareos groans, "Don't look at me that way."

Notes and References[]

  • This is the first time that Deunan's father Carl Knute is ever depicted. The only other time a picture of him was shown, was once in the encyclopedia Appleseed ID. Until now, he has never appeared in an anime.
  • While Deunan's mother is mentioned, she is not named. Her cause of death is different than the 2004 movie (killed by a military operation) but is similar to the manga (killed by racists).
  • The Kotus police robot was never depicted in any previous Appleseed movies, only ever appearing in the manga, where they were used frequently (with varying levels of success) by the regular Olympus Police.
  • Max, Baxter, and Gina, are three ES.W.A.T. characters who have always been depicted throughout the series, beginning in the manga, and also in Shinji Aramaki's later CGI movies. Until now, however, they have never been named.
  • The anti-gravity generator stolen by the HLF terrorists is called the Damysos, which is what it was called in the first Shinji Aramaki Appleseed movie from 2004. Series author Shirow Masamune never called it this however, and instead named it the Hermes in the original manga.
  • The presence of Dia Cadence settles a long-standing question as to whether Olympus is the only nation capable of producing Bioroid humans. As she was born in Poseidon, this is untrue.
  • Unlike the 2004 Appleseed movie, Hitomi's house is exactly as it appeared in the manga. Also accurately portrayed is Deunan and Briareos' loft, which is built on the second story of a coffee house somewhere in downtown Olympus.
  • As seen on the Landmate display monitors, and Deunan's bottle of wine, Olympus uses both Roman letters and the English language, as well as a futuristic international language comprising of special characters. This is another throwback to the original manga.
  • The topic of human-smuggling evokes memories of Operation Benandanti, seen in the manga The Scales of Prometheus.


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