Arugess is the assumed name of an Olympus FBI operative seen several times throughout the manga portion of the series, usually keeping tabs on Bioroid activity.

Prior to his immigration to Olympus, he was known by his real birth name of Bernd, and was a close associate of Briareos during his pre-war espionage career in Europe. Distinguished by a large scar which spans his left cheek and forces shut that eye, Arugress is otherwised depicted fairly handsome in features and is fair haired, vaguely resembling Ghost in the Shell's Batou.

Although the pro-human FBI's stance will sometimes chafe with the pro-bioroid structure of Deunan and Briareos' ES.W.A.T. unit, Arugess more or less holds a professional opinion that all the law-enforcement agencies in Olympus are ultimately fighting for civic order, just on different levels.



He makes a prominent appearance in 2007's Appleseed Ex Machina, bearing the derivative name Arges. However, his role in the saga by now is quite different, and appears as an aide to Poseidon emissary Yoshino.