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Athena Areios
Bioroid (first generation)
2110s (exact date not known)
Mid twenties (appears older)
Prime Minister of Olympus

Athena Areios (more commonly known just as Athena) is the political leader of the city-state of Olympus. In the OVA she holds the rank of Inspector General. By the time of Ex Machina, she is the Prime Minister.

She is a first generation Bioroid (manufactured human,) noted for her admirable shrewdness and wisdom, also for her fearlessness and cunning. She is unique among most Bioroids in that she lacks the emotional constraints of the subsequent "improved" generations that followed her, and instead is only perfect in her biology, symmetry, and intelligence.


Political background[]

As a politician, she is noted as being a fiery negotiator, more than willing to employ effective scare tactics to persuade either her own government, or the visiting coalitions she hosts during EU and G32 summits, to adopt her line of thinking or proposals at hand. This, admittedly, is not necessarily a bad thing; for Athena, with the help of ES.W.A.T., has saved both Olympus and the remainders of the world on multiple occasions, most famously preventing international genocide in the year 2131, during the events depicted in the first of the two contemporary Appleseed films.

As a Bioroid, her primary intent is to regulate the instability of the various human-run governments around the world, and beyond this, promote world-wide peace and integration campaigns. She is also partially responsible for vetoing controversial domestic proposals such as Project Elpis.

Notes and References[]

  • In the manga, Athena's origins are unclear, while in Shinji Aramaki's 2004 anime interpretation, some liberties are taken to explain her background, with Deunan Knute's mother Gilliam having direct input in her creation and development. A younger Athena is seen with Gill in a flashback.
  • Domestically, Athena also deals with smaller-scale civic affairs. At least in the manga, she is considered to be an expert in the field of finances and often deals with budgeting the city's expenses and overseeing the socially extensive taxation of the population.
  • Her Chief of Staff is Nike, a second generation Bioroid who has been by her side throughout the entire saga.
  • Although it's not known exactly how Athena came to enter politics, nor eventually assume leadership of Olympus, she has occupied various posts at different times in the Appleseed saga. During the events of the manga, she is called upon as an Administrative Director, one level inferior to the presidential-like Director of the country, whereas in the first CGI Appleseed episode, she is referred to as Prime Minister, as though the Director's role was rechristened and she assumed that position. By Ex Machina, the second episode, the PM title has been superseded with the title of Administrator. In both of the contemporary films, she is distinctly the sole leader of the state.
  • Athena was responsible for the cyborg attack on Deunan's platoon in the first Appleseed film. Although the band of savages was not likely her own, (it was noted by the Elders, "A few greedy mercenaries are no threat to ES.W.A.T.",) she perhaps steered them in the right direction to intercept Deunan's brigade, suitably forcing a nearby ES.W.A.T. surveillance team to intervene and rescue her, before the Olympus Regular Army, also keeping tabs on the female soldier, could abduct her.