Coscom bike

Deunan's Coscom motorbike.

Coscom is the name of a fictional motorsports and accessories company, whose products are seen twice in the 2007 movie Ex Machina. It appears that their primary product offering is motorbikes, with a fuchsia Moto-GP streetracer cycle being featured as Deunan Knute's personal transport.

The Coscom Moto-GP seems to use a fuel-cell or electric engine rather than an internal combustion motor, and uses hubless wheels, not unlike the Japanese Zero Bike.

Fans of the cycle will be probably be interested in checking out the Synergy, an unproduced motorbike design, which bears strong likenesses to the Appleseed example, including hubless wheels and a fuel cell powerplant.


Coscom brand ear-protectors.

In what might be a tongue in cheek homage to a real-world Japanese automaker, the hub bearings of the Coscom Moto-GP are manufactured by a company called "Honoa", though the typeface used for the fictitous company is identical to Honda's. This was a common occurrence in the Appleseed manga, where real-life companies were secretly mentioned, using lightly disguised psydonyms like "Sutuki" (motorsports manufacturer Suzuki), "Shoeii" (helmet company Shoei), and "Sekoi" (watchmaker Seiko). If so, it's the only time in the modern film trilogy that this kind of tribute has surfaced.

Later in the film, ES.W.A.T. operatives are seen wearing ear-protectors during target practice, that also bear Coscom logos.

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The name "Coscom" might seem vaguely familiar to some viewers. It's the name of several other companies, and appears twice as a US military acronym.

Deunan and motorbike