DNA, an acronym for Deoxyribo Nucleac Acid, is a essentially a biological instruction set used in the development of living cells (with some exceptions). [1] In Appleseed, it is suggested that through advanced scientific manipulation of human genetics (and hence DNA), a new breed of nearly-perfect humans has been generated, known throughout the series as Bioroids. The creation of this new human species theory falls somewhere between the definiton of genetic engineering and the concepts of eugenics, of which both concepts carry major social controversy, in both the real world past, [2] present, and fictional future setting of the series. Only through the chaos of near world apocalypse was the creation of the Bioroids overlooked, and since the fragile new world order of Olympus has been instituted, parts of the remaining global population have begun to question the ethic of their continued existence and development, while a great majority of normal humans regard them as subhuman and resist their presence in society. [3]

In the semi-related series also by Shirow Masamune, called Ghost in the Shell, it has been argued by a sentient computer application (the Puppet Master, also known as Project 2501) that DNA is essentially human biological memory to store genetic code, not unlike the code that constitutes an advanced computer program like itself.

Notes and References[]


  1. The RNA virus relies on single helix Ribo Nucleac Acid instead. See also RNA Virus.
  2. Eugenics, in hand with ethnic cleansing, was a popular tenet of the Germany Nazi Party of the 1940s. See also racial hygene.
  3. Frequent themes revisited throughout the book and movie series is whether or not Bioroids maintain self-preservation genetic code, and therefore possess the ability to rise against their human creators, and whether or not they think like humans. As pacifist Bioroids occupy the majority of Olympuses' Central Management Bureau, essentially the last remaining human government on Earth, many normal humans resent their rule and have plotted genocides and other usurpation of their power.