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Deunan Knute
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Deunan Knute (デュナン・ナッツ, transliterated as Dyunan Nattsu) is one of the two protagonists of both the Appleseed manga and anime franchises. Along with her partner Briareos Hecatonchires, she is one of ES.W.A.T.'s most important members. Known for a fiery personality, and a tendency to sometimes break ranks, Deunan is still widely appreciated by her partners for her professionalism and acumen. Outside of the job she enjoys socializing with her colleagues and Bioroid relatives, is a wearer of Prada clothing, and is also a Moto-GP enthusiast, her personal mode of transport is a high-end Coscom motorbike.

Although predominantly Caucasian, her family background consists of Scandinavian, French, and mixed Sudanese descendants. She was born in the State of California, near Los Angeles, in 2105, and is thirty-three years old during the events of Ex Machina.



Deunan as a little girl prior to her mother's death. As depicted in a flashback in the 2004 anime.

The daughter of Gilliam Knute, a bioscientist who invented the Bioroid race, and Carl Knute, a distinguished and decorated war veteran who later revolutionized the LAPD SWAT.

In various depictions, Deunan is revealed to have witnessed her mother's murder, however, she had gone for long periods not remembering it (or remembering her mother at all) due to traumatic memory loss.

The circumstances of the murder's setting differ a bit based on the media. In the 2004 anime, Deunan's mother is shot unintentionally by a startled soldier when she happened to be holding a pistol and lunged forward. But she was only lunging forward to protect Deunan and get her out of the room with the soldiers. This happened in a closed computer laboratory.


In XIII, Deunan's mother's death is intentionally planned by a sniper rifle wielding assassin. It happens in an open area while the pair are walking down the street.


Deunan at ten years old, travelling with her father after her mother's death, as depicted in XIII episode 1.

After her mother's death, Deunan Knute was trained from a young age by her father to be a superlative fighter and strategist.

SWAT training

Deunan undergoing training with the LAPD SWAT.

In the early 2120s, she joined her father's ranks and became an operative in the Special Weapons and Tactics arm of the force. It was here where she met Briareos, another rising star, as well as a young (future Colonel) Hades, who held a high position until being expelled due to a misdemeanor.

Following the outbreak of World War III (or IV depending on whether you're following the manga or anime histories), both Deunan and Briareos were conscripted into the US Army, and served in the same platoon on the North African Front.


As a soldier, during the late 2120s.

Following his supposed death, and the dissolution of the United States, she then led an independent band of mercenaries through the various battles that cropped up during the final months of the international conflict. It appears that she ended up in Europe or the Balkans just prior to being abducted by ES.W.A.T., and brought into the Olympian metropolis.


Having spent much of her life dealing with intense battles and firefights, it's no surprise that Deunan is a specialist in weapons handling, explosive devices manipulations and hand-to-hand combat. She typically prefers weaponry from Seburo, especially automatic handguns like the Bobson Centennial Edition and submachine guns, though she has been known to use assault rifles if necessary, drawing on her experience from the US Army. It's notable

Deunan in Landmate

Deunan in the cockpit of an ES.W.A.T. standard Landmate.

that Deunan's gun handling skill easily rivals that of both human male, and cybernetically enhanced male colleagues, including Briareos, who, despite his near superhuman marksmanship ability, is always reduced to a wingman position when in her company.

As a cunning strategist by nature, she unsurprisingly relishes wargames, and often succeeds in "wiping out" entire teams with ease, usually consisting of sixteen or more men. Even if handicapped with insufficient or inferior weapons than her adversaries at first, she will nearly always gain tactical supremacy within ten minutes, using traditional techniques such as the ambush (which will then provide her with her enemy's armaments), or moves that are strictly her own, like the inverted assault, which she uses to great success in both the 2004 and 2007 episodes. To see her in action, view the Media page for various trailers and other motion picture samples.

While exceedingly warm and friendly to close associates (Briareos, Hitomi and Yoshitune, for example), Deunan is characteristically aloof and antagonistic to others. In the past she has fearlessly sparred with ES.W.A.T. commander Lance, the Seven Elders, Col Hades and General Uranos, and holds an exclusive disdain for Nike. Although she refuses to get into fights in public, she will let off her steam in private, famously roundhouse kicking a locker door shut in Appleseed (2004) following an altercation with Briareos.

Deunan and motorbike

Personal transportation.

A quick learner and perfectionist, she is also noted at being an excellent Landmate pilot, apparently one of the first females to ever master the imposing craft. Appropriately, she exhibits feminist traits and is ultra independent. Generally ,she likes her Landmates customized to specification, usually requesting unique cockpit configurations (to accommodate her lightweight build) and if possible, colour combinations, her favourite being dark fuchsia, as if to match her Coscom Moto-GP and rider's leathers.

It's believed that, despite the availability of computerized, real-time vocal translators, Deunan is naturally multilingual to some extent. In the manga, she's depicted as speaking French at certain times, and can be seen playfully using the affirmation "oui," even during purely English conversations in The Promethean Challenge. Also in that volume, she wears a tanktop emblazoned with the word "etrange" (strange). Other characters wear clothes featuring random phrases ("knowledge society" a common one) inscribed upon them, but all are in English.



2004 film[]

Ex Machina[]



Appleseed XIII opens up with Deunan and Briareos together. It is unknown when these events take place relative to other films or the manga just yet.



Deunan's resting heartbeat.

Following integration into Olympus, Deunan distinctly appears to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, as she experiences frequent nightmares and flashbacks to the past. Three years later, during the events of Ex Machina, she has shaken the traumas of her past and appears relatively stable with the present. Even meeting Tereus, a cloned version of Briareos in his former human appearance, does not unsettle her significantly.

Although highly athletic, it's notable that Deunan has a resting heart rate of 68 BPM, even under heavy sedation (as seen on an ECG during the 2004 movie), suggests she isn't in ideal shape, or may have a minor cardiac disorder. For a female of her age and build, it should really be ten beats lower, nearer to 55-58 beats per minute. However, it's worth noting that she is actually awake at this time and only pretends to be sedated until Hitomi gets close enough to be taken hostage (the ECG screen is only visible to the viewer,not Hitomi and the nurse). Interestingly, in the manga, she exhibits a tendency to black out under intensive gravitational forces, which might also point towards a circulatory issue. However, she only blacks out (loses her vision) in one scene when Briareos carries her while leaping to another building in what is stated to be G-forces only cyborgs can safely withstand.


Getting tipsy.

It appears that while having a taste for alcohol, she tolerates it poorly. In Ex Machina, after consuming less than one litre of what appears to be Japanese Kirin beer (based on the bottle label), an ordinary ratio 5% alcoholic beverage, she quickly gets inebriated, though only her reflexes are affected, and not her speech or mental clarity. However it's possible she may have consumed additional bottles off-screen which were cleared away (the bottle she is shown drinking from is cleared away almost as soon as she's finished). Ordinarily, she prefers wine, particularly Chateau Montaigne's Sauvignon Blanc, or a (seemingly fictional) variety called Cordon Chantefleur.

Deunan 1 (XIII)

As she appears in the upcoming Appleseed XIII miniseries.

According to the Appleseed Databook (a.k.a. Appleseed ID), she is trained to be ambidextrous. In the original manga, she was temporarily blinded in one eye in Volume 4, due to a training accident, and for a time had to wear a vision-augmenting eye-patch, similar to the heads up display she employs in Ex Machina. As depicted in the Appleseed Hypernotes, she also sometimes uses implants embedded in her vascular system to augment her immune system, and also to ward off the effects of poisoning. The implants also have the ability to wake her from a state of unconsciousness, using powerful stimulants.

Links and Trivia[]

  • The often seen image of Deunan in Briareos' arms (see right), is actually a CGI reproduction of a Shirow Masamune colour scketch from the eighties, that was featured as the cover of The Promethean Challenge (see image). Deunan relies on Briareos for rapid transportation in this manner, as he can jump great distances from building to building (almost like Superman) while carrying both her and his own weapons. However, when he leaps, he creates a G-force of nearly 7, which has caused her to black out at times.
  • A highly detailed one-sixth scale action figure of Deunan Knute (and others) was released by Hot Toys in 2007. Her Bobson automatic pistol, signed by one of the Seburo company founders, is also available in resin as a static replica. See the Adult Collectables page for more info.
  • Her first name, Deunan, is Scottish. Her surname, Knute, on the other hand, is Scandinavian in descent.
  • In the original manga, she also uses Colt M1911 handguns.