General Edward Uranus the III, seen flanked by Col. Hades.

2004 DVD cover
This article contains information that applies MOSTLY to the 2004 and 2007 Shinji Aramaki interpretations of the Appleseed saga. Be sure to read the Notes and References section.
2007 DVD cover

Following a long career in various militaries during the late 2100s, most notably the armies of both the General Administration Agency and the earliest incarnations of the Central Management Bureau,[1] Edward Uranus was later made supreme commander of the reformed Olympus Regular Army, after the CMB split with the armed force and aligned itself instead with the paramilitary group ES.W.A.T..


Although he stoutly opposed the creation of the Bioroids, he has come to unwillingly accept their presence and will interact with them on a political level, though his fragile state of coexistence with them hangs in the balance on the topic of removing their lifespan limits or enabling their reproductive functions.

Ultimately, his goal is to see humans regain control of the Olympus Legislative House, even if that requires the destruction of the D-Tank, and the mass-genocide of all Bioroid life forms that would ensue. Upon realizing that his reactionary anger has been used by the Bioroid supremacist Seven Elders, to manipulate Gaia to authorize a counteractive genocide of humanity in defense, he immediately calls a truce and surrenders, in part saving humanity, along with the efforts of the shrewd and selfless Bioroid Prime Minister, Athena Areios. The Olympus Regular Army appears to have been disbanded after this point, and seven years later[2] during the events of Ex Machina, is never mentioned again.

Young Uranus

During a CMB Army insurgence.

Although not confirmed, it appears that a much younger Edward Uranus is seen leading the CMB military insurgence that ultimately kills Deunan Knute's mother, in her Bioroid development facility. He later claims to have known both Carl and Gilliam Knute quite well, further cementing this possibility.

Notes and References[]

  • Edward Uranus III does not appear in the manga series.
  1. If you look closely, in the Sentai Filmworks BluRay edition of Appleseed (2004), during the ocean-rig flashback scene, Uranuses' soldiers wear fatigues bearing Central Management Bureau armpatches.
  2. The 2004 film is set during 2131, where Ex Machina occurs in 2138, as per the calender seen on an ES.W.A.T. operative's wristwatch during the film's prologue.