A small collection of fiction, video, and images created by loyal Appleseed fans all over the world.

Appleseed Live (Amateur video, Germany, early 1990s?)[]

300px|rightVery little is known about who created this video, when, or where. It appears to take place following the 1988 Appleseed OVA release, since the model of the mobile fortress follows closely in the design of the unit seen in that anime. It's believed the director/filmer may be Japanese, since Deunan Knute's name appears on a video monitor erroneously spelled as Deunan Nut (see Trivia for more on this phenomenon).

The actress portraying Deunan is wearing an accurate BDU costume similar to those seen in the original manga, and uses both a Colt M1911 variant handgun, as well as a machine pistol that appears to be a Micro Uzi. Both weapons are seen in the official series.

At one point, during a supposed "news conference" (more likely a publicity shot of the actors at a comic-con or fan festival) writing that appears to be German can be seen on the wall in the back. Also, the actress seems to be of central or northern European descent.

Any further information is welcomed! Attempts at contacting the video poster Edrabes2 have been unsuccessful.

Appleseed 2009 (Amateur CGI trailer spoof, Spain/South America, 2009?)[]

300px|rightA recent discovery on YouTube, is this very impressive CGI trailer made sometime in 2008 or 2009. While purported to be official, some inconsistencies lead one to believe its a well crafted fake. The rendering software used ("TrinityEngine") isn't employed by any of the companies that animated the previous installments of Appleseed (such as Digital Frontiers, Radix, and Jinni's Animation) nor is the Johnny Appleseed motif in the video common with any part of the saga.

Deunan appears in the badlands wearing her original manga-style BDU, though her facial appearance is taken straight from Appleseed Ex Machina. The animation style is more in the style of the 2004 episode, featuring cel-shading, and may or may not feature the use of motion-capture, as seen during a martial arts kick halfway through the video. Also seen is a B-52 Stratocruiser strategic bomber, and two Wasp Insertion Aircrafts.

Any information on this video is greatly appreciated.