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Gaia is the name given to a massive biological [1] supercomputer located at the core of the Tartaros arcology. Self propagating, [2] it automatically expands it's network to include any new developments in the city, and interfaces with a large number of terminals installed in major public places.


Gaia advises the Central Management Bureau, offering totally impartial advice on public matters, world governance, and in the case of Appleseed (2004), it even was depicted to have input on the decision on eliminating natural humans in favors of Bioroids, though the Seven Elders found a means to manipulate the system to reach conclusions they preferred.

In the manga, all power generation facilities are controlled directly by Gaia, including at least one backup nuclear generator. [3]

The supercomputer also has some control over the Mobile Fortresses that encircle the city of Olympus, enabling them to launch via remote control.

While Gaia can ready the sterility virus found in the D-Tank, it is unable to itself deploy the substance, relying on human control instead. [4]

Gaia Terminals[]

The role of the terminals is to allow average citizens to voice their social opinion on a variety of topics, among other things. Some terminals can read DNA signatures as well, allowing select entities to control Gaia directly, [5] enabling ESWAT deployment, security lockdowns, and even the entire shutdown of Gaia itself, though only high ranking government officials are able to do this. Hitomi's DNA profile is one such example.

The terminals also serve as public computers, allowing everyone to access the Olympus intranet, for more practical applications like news, data, [6] and directions. [7]

Notes and References[]

  1. While this isn't confirmed, based on the fact that biological computers exist in other elements of the series, it's presumable that Gaia is as well. Also, the 2004 movie depicts the communication network linking the system to the various buildings and terminals to be arranged almost like a nervous system.
  2. As per Hitomi, in the 2004 movie.
  3. Seen in The Scales of Prometheus.
  4. In the 2004 movie, the Seven Elders declared that a single pushbutton switch controlled the detonation charges surrounding the D-Tank, but that the switch had to be enabled by Gaia first.
  5. Again, seen in The Scales of Prometheus.
  6. As per the short story, 26 Called Game.
  7. In Ex Machina, Briareos is seen at a terminal that displays an outline map of the island of Olympus, among other functions.