Hades (rank: Colonel) is a particularly hateful officer of the Olympus Regular Army, whose genocidal distaste of Bioroids lead him to help stage a coup d'etat against the ruling Central Management Bureau and the city-state's leader Athena Areios.


Much is unknown about Hades' early life other than he served in LAPD SWAT, but was disgraced and thrown out of the unit by Carl Knute. He later worked his way up to the rank of colonel in the Olympus Regular Army, while developing a hatred of Bioroids, mainly because they're clones of Carl.

Hades secretly began smuggling parts into the city-state to construct a trio of Landmates to assault the Bioroid life-extension facilities. Though the attack went flawlessly, two of Hades' accomplices were killed in the scape. Hades was nearly stopped by Briareos Hecatonchires but the cyborg intentionally missed.

Hades was later by General Uranus as Prime Minister Athena address the Council over the attack. However, the Seven Elders reveaeled the existence of Appleseed, a hidden data packet containing the information on how to fully activate Bioroid reproductive capabilities and save their race, much to Hades' private anger.

Thanks to a traitor on Briareos and Deunan's ESWAT team, Hades and his men found them on an abandoned research platform, Deunan having discovered that the Appleseed was hidden in her father's gun the whole time. Cornering the squad, Hades revealed that Briareos willingly allowed him to escape. As Kuo sacrificed himself to allow his teammates to escape, Hades chased them to the roof as Uranus arrived and attempted to convince Deunan to hand over the Appleseed. When Briareos attempts to reason with Uranus that the Bioroids only want to help humanity, Hades began shooting at him, refusing to let the cyborg tell him what to do. He then revealed to Deunan that his actions were revenge against Carl, intending to wipe away his legacy by letting the Bioroids die. As he continued to open fire, Briareos recovered, grabbed Deunan and jumped over the rail and into the water, but not before Deunan shot her father's gun, the bullet hitting Hades in the head, killing him.