Bioroid (second generation)[1]
2120s (exact date not known)
Ten to twenty (appears older)
ES.W.A.T. headhunter, Vice Minister

Hitomi (ヒトミ) is a second-generation Bioroid,[2] Hitomi is charged with recruiting new members of ES.W.A.T. She had led the rescue mission of Deunan Knute in the Badlands, as well as aiding her getting settled in Olympus. Although her emotions are regulated, she has interest in the emotion of love, and is disturbed by hate, as expressed by the human soldiers of the ORA, especially towards the Bioroids.


Appleseed (OVA)[]


Hitomi was responsible for multiple immigrations to Olympus, including Deunan Knute, Briareos Hecatonchires and Calon. During one celebration in all the immigrants give their thanks to Hitomi, she gets drunk and tries flirting with Calon. However, Hitomi became an unwilling pawn in Calon and A.J. Sebastian's plan to deactivate Gaia, the central AI that runs Olympus, for her DNA is key to shutting it down. To that end, Calon tried to sneak Hitomi past the police blockade to the last Gaia terminal that wasn't destroyed. However, when his truck hit a speed bump, Hitomi made a small cry, which Briareos hears with his cyborg antennae. Despite the efforts of the police, Calon is able to get Hitomi into the terminal.

Appleseed (2004 film)[]


Along with Briareos Hecatonchires and a brigade of ESWAT troops, Hitomi ventured into the Badlands that were ravaged in the aftermath of the last Global War, to search for Deunan Knute. They extracted her from an attack from a group of cyborgs, though they had to tranquilize Deunan when she tried to run. When they returned to Olympus, Deunan regained consciousness and attempted to take Hitomi hostage, then Briareos intervened and ordered her to stand down. Once Deunan had calmed down, Hitomi explained to her that the war was over for some time. The next day, she took Deunan on a tour of Olympus, as well as explaining the city's functions. However, they were followed by a trio of female cyborgs, who were determined to assassinate Deunan to prevent Appleseed from being found.

When a terrorist attack on a Bioroid care center led by Colonel Hades destroyed all data for life extension, Hitomi was discovered to have delayed getting one for three days. As Hitomi was placed in medical care within ­Tartaros, Deunan went to look for the Appleseed data, which she soon learned she had with her all along and used its data to save Hitomi by reactivating her reproductive functions.

Despite Hitomi's life being saved, Deunan had to confront the true masterminds behind all the recent events: the Seven Elders. The Elders believed that humanity's violent nature is destined to destroy the world and they've concluded that the Bioroids would be the best heirs to the Earth. But they couldn't go forward with their plan to unleash the D-Tank sterility virus upon the world because Dr. Gilliam Knute refused to let that happen. When ES.W.A.T. catches on and disables any manual releases towards D-Tank, the Elders activate the ten mobile fortresses stationed around Olympus' perimeter to destroy D-Tank.


Hitomi regained consciousness and informed everyone that they need to enter her name into the computers of fortress number seven. Deunan uses this information to stop the mobile fortresses before they could destroy their target.

Appleseed: Ex Machina[]

Hitomi had just returned from the World Treaty and coincidentally ran into Deunan outside the Bioroid Production Center. After greeting each other, Hitomi reluctantly admits that she heard that Briareos was injured on a mission in the European Union. Just then, Deunan received a call from Commander Lance, who informs her that Briareos is waking up. While driving Deunan to the Cyborg Medical Center, Hitomi explained about the new trend spreading across the city: the Connexus. She gives Deunan her Connexus to demonstrate how it works, before showing her an invitation to her birthday party. On arrival at the hospital, Deunan rushes in, with Hitomi following behind her with a bouquet of flowers.


Hitomi's boyfriend Yoshitsune attended her birthday party.

When Hitomi's birthday came around, she struggled to pull out Deunan out in her new nightwear, at which her ESWAT colleagues begin to tease her. Hitomi then showed Deunan that her party is also to celebrate Briareos' recovery. However, some of the happy atmosphere is shattered when Deunan storms away in a fit when Lance refused to partner her back with Briareos.

When Briareos spontaneously went berserk and hospitalized, Hitomi came to visit him. She decided to help him research Richard Kestner, the cyborg doctor who last attended to him. Briareos became suspicious when all information pertaining to Kestner's work with Halcon was missing. Hitomi seriously doubted that Kestner could've done this by himself. She is soon taken hostage by Briareos as he escapes to find Kestner.

Appleseed XIII[]


How Hitomi looks in XIII.

Deunan visits Hitomi's house and Hitomi introduces her to Deia, a bioroid scientist.

Personality and traits[]

Being a Bioroid, Hitomi is incapable of feeling negative emotions such as hatred or anger. Her personality is described as childlike and cheerful.


Links and Trivia[]

  • In the 2004 Appleseed movie, Hitomi was voiced by Yuki Matsuoka (Japanese), and Karen Strassman (English, credited under the pseudonym "Mia Bradley"). In the redub by Sentai Filmworks, the character was voiced by Hilary Haag.
  • Hitomi has always been portrayed as intelligent, plucky, yet a little socially inept. In the manga, she frequently carried with her a customized book entitled "Human/Bioroid Interactions for Bioroid Hitomi" so as to know how to appropriately respond to humans in conversation, and often uses it when trying to understand common idioms or expressions of speech.
  • Although technically as young as ten, like most Bioroids, she was born in a teenaged state, and now in appearance looks like a mid to late twenty-year-old. The subject of a Bioroid's true age was broached by Deunan Knute in Ex Machina, when, following an invitation to Hitomi's birthday party, she asks her how old she really is. However, Hitomi politely declines to say.
  • Hitomi's Date of Birth is shown when she accesses Gaia to find more information on Richard Kestner. She was born on 2094/11/10.
  • She was educated prior to birth in political sciences, which accounts for her relatively swift promotion to Vice Minister of Olympus.
  • Biologically, Hitomi is related to Deunan Knute, as she shares a lot of DNA with Carl Knute, Deunan's late father.

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