The seceded southeastern part of the former USA, Imperial Americana encompasses mostly what was once Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia, as well as parts of the Midwest [1]. As its name suggests, the country is led by what appears to be a largely monarchist political administration, though its rumoured that some kind of an elected congress still exists as well [citation needed].

A militarized, and to some extent, extremist state, Imperial Americana has a long history of chafing against the other federal American remnant, known generically as the US-Soviet Alliance [2], as well as other socially progressive nation-states in the world like Poseidon, and especially Olympus. Their reactionary, and often militaristic approach to world politics seems to be a sore point for many peacekeeping and diplomatic ventures.

Technologically speaking, Imperial Americana strikes a balance between old-school but high-quality, at least in the sector of armaments. In Appleseed Hypernotes, ES.W.A.T. intercepts an ocean freighter smuggling a motley variety of weapons and munitions, bound for Lisbon, Spain, following a stopover in the Kitasuiten Province of Olympus [3]. Amongst the modern products of Poseidon, such as vibra-cutters (seen in action in both Hypernotes and the 2004 movie) are a range of suppressive fire weapons that bear the markings of Imperial American factories. As such, the state appears to still favour bullet and projectile-based weapons, similar to Olympus, but unlike Poseidon, which (besides owned company Seburo), seems to be leaning towards laser and vibration based armaments.

Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell

A similar country called the American Empire appears in the world of Shirow Masamune's Ghost in the Shell, and could be considered a predecessor to Imperial Americana. For more information, check out the American Empire page on the Ghost in the Shell Wiki.


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