Here is the definitive guide to all the manga and anime episodes seen in the series. Any coverage of Appleseed in the Intron Depot art-books later published by Shirow Masamune, or any other source, is not included.



Volume: Year: Comments:
The Promethean Challenge 1985 Many story elements are reused in the 2004 CGI movie. [1]
Prometheus Unbound 1986 Some elements see use in both the '04 and '07 movies. [1]
The Scales of Prometheus 1988 Characters like Arges and Yoshino are seen in Ex Machina. [2]
The Promethean Balance 1991

Graphical enclopedias[]

Volume: Year: Comments:
Appleseed Hypernotes 1991 Contains the unfinished Book Five of the manga. [3]
Appleseed ID 2004 Published much earlier in Japan as the Databook. [4]

Anime motion pictures[]

Episode: Year: Comments:
Appleseed 1988 OVA anime. Never theatrically released or shown on TV. [5]
Appleseed 2004 CGI remake. Non-canon storyline. Limited theatrical release in Japan. [6]
Appleseed Ex Machina 2007 Sequel. Limited theatrical release in Japan, Australia, and USA. [6]
Appleseed Final Edge N/A

Rumoured third trilogy episode. Not confirmed, and never produced. [7]

Appleseed Alpha 2014 Prequel to the 2004 movie. Possible series reboot.

Anime miniseries[]

Series: Year: Comments:
Appleseed Genesis 2008 Prequel to the first two contemporary CGI movies. Following budget cuts and a contract conflict with the animation studio hired, the series was cancelled during preproduction. Only one image from the series is known to exist. [8]
Appleseed XIII 2011 New retelling of the manga in thirteen, half-hour episodes, later to be compiled into two motion pictures. Completely separate from the timeline and approach of the first two CGI movies. Japanese debut set for April of 2011, US/Canadian release unconfirmed, possibly 2012. [9], [10]


[1] "Elements" refers to plot basis, scenes, and dialogue. Most of these were set in a completely different context than they appeared in the manga.

[2] Arges role is minimalized to little more than a Poseidon pilot, whereas Yoshino becomes a political emissary. Both characters are almost identical to their original manga likenesses, though.

[3] This story was set to debut some time around 1992, but Shirow Masamune had become preoccupied with concurrently writing Ghost in the Shell, and was reportedly dissatisfied with how this latest Appleseed draft was turning out. Nevertheless, he caved to pressure and released the unfinished first draft, which ends about 2/3rds into the story. Drawings and dialogue are otherwise complete.

[4] The Appleseed Databook contained a completely different layout and has some different content than the Appleseed ID encyclopedia. Shirow Masamune repeatedly delayed the translated North American release until he was satisfied with his writings. This was one of the first times Masamune paid specific attention to a foreign market.

[5] OVA stands for Original Video Animation and is a term to describe a direct-to-home debut of an anime. Originally a strictly Japanese VHS release, the first Appleseed movie is now available dubbed and remastered on DVD.

[6] These films were typically released in just one theater per country, or at small film festivals.

[7] The credibility of this claim is fairly dubious, as it appears solely on a Wikipedia page, with no effort made to confirm the source of the information. It has since been deleted.

[8] The single image in question is a basic press-release banner. No actual animation work was ever performed.

[9] As the series has not yet been released domestically in Japan, no negotiations have yet begun to import the series to North America. If and when this step is taken, the series must be redubbed into English and then reproduced. The actual US/Canadian release date of 2012 is purely estimated, based on the import delay of the past two movies.

[10] It's not known yet whether the North American release of Appleseed XIII will be in the miniseries, or dual motion-picture format.