Kotus is a character in the manga versions of Appleseed. (Present in Appleseed XIII as "Kottos," with a better AI.)

Kotus is a heavy robot who takes part in some ES.W.A.T operations. His first mission shows the shortcomings in his AI, as he killed a prisoner, reducing him to a pile of flesh, blood, and bone, showing that the AI isn't adapted to Kotus' strength. Kotus is not a heavy robot for nothing. On his last mission, betraying Briareos and Deunan because, as a robot, he fell under GAIA's control (while Deunan and Briareos had to destroy/stop GAIA before something really bad happened) and ended up fighting Briareos. Kotus is destroyed in the fight, and Briareos sustained light surface damage (he lost the little plate on top of his head,) and moderate internal damage to his cyborg parts - not being able to autofocus his eyescopes until repaired, requiring Hitomi's help in doing so. Well, this result could show that Kotus has been beaten soundly by Briareos, but it isn't. Kotus gave Briareos a hard time in the fight, and it should be borne in mind that Briareos' Hecatonchires cyborg body is about the best combat cyborg body available

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