Lark Ceryne is a bioroid created from the DNA of Alcides and Karl Knute. He runs a gunshop in Olympus. Deunan Knute get acquainted him, mostly to have her father's gun repaired. However, she was secretly investigating his involvement in bioroid suicides. Her suspicions were proven true, when Lark attempted to cover up his mess, including killing a bioroid worker involved with him, but Deunan swiftly tazered his would-be victim. Lark explains his motivations to purge Olympus of bioroids with suicidal tendencies who would threaten the build-up of their utopia. Before either person could pull a shot, Briareos arrives and shields Deunan then arrests Lark. However, as he was being escorted to prison, an unknown sniper swiftly silences Lark without his guards noticing.