Micott and Basara's corporate logo.

Micott and Basara is a joint Japanese-Korean multimedia rights and distribution management company, founded in December 1997. It is based in Tokyo. Aligned with all of the recent Appleseed anime efforts (starting in 2004), it appears to act as a go-between company between Appleseed copyright holder Seishinsha and the various production companies such as Digital Frontiers and lately Production I.G and Jinni's Animation Studios. Micott and Basara also appears to help promote their projects through advertising and other methods.

From the official Micott and Basara website:

"Micott & Basara’s mission is to develop and produce high-quality visual entertainment contents for the global market. Furthermore, Micott & Basara is committed to developing and supporting new creative talents as well as providing efficient management of their works, which in turn will serve to revitalize the Japanese entertainment industry."
"All of Micott & Basara’s contents are developed and produced with the global market in mind - from distribution to licensing management. We also seek to share the rewards of our successes with the creators by instituting significant incentive structures. It is our belief that these approaches will broaden the window of opportunities for talented creators and content developers by maximizing and enhancing the potential of their works. Furthermore, by setting the sights beyond the domestic market, we are hoping to quicken the pace of globalization for the Japanese film and visual contents market."

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