Nike's appearance in the OVA.

Nike is a Second Generation Bioroid and acts as the Chief of Staff of Olympus and the commander of ESWAT.



Appleseed (OVA)[]

In the OVA, Nike serves as Athena's assistant.

Appleseed (2004 film)[]


Nike plays a reserved role in the film, largely serving as Athena's assistant. She does take a notable action however when she fires her pistol at an Elder's arm to stop the man from pushing a doomsday switch, giving Athena enough time to cut off power from the button.

Appleseed: Ex Machina[]


Nike in her new administrative role in Ex Machina

In 2138, Deunan confronts Nike for immediately setting her with a new partner, Tereus, just after Briareos was admitted to the hospital. Nike correctly suspected that Deunan wanted to know why Tereus bears a striking resemblance to Briareos before he became a cyborg. Nike explained to Deunan that Tereus is a Bioroid that they've decided to implement for law enforcement and Briareos, whose DNA was used to create him, was chosen as the most suitable candidate for his unique physical structure and being the only person having adapted to the Hecatonchires system. Therefore, as his partner, Deunan would assess his capabilities. Deunan completely understood her intentions but disagreed with being hooked up like this.

Nike formally greeted Yoshino, an emissary from Poseidon, who had been invited to Olympus on by of Athena, to investigate the company's possible involvement in recent terrorist incidents committed by cyborgs. Yoshino denied any involvement and stated that supporting terrorists would not be in their best interests.

The day came when all the world's leaders convened at Olympus to discuss whether the Bioroids should be allowed to take control of all orbiting satellites to prevent future terrorism. While the expected political bickering proceeded at the conference, Tartaros was surprisingly assaulted by humans, not cyborgs. Nike tried urging Athena to suspend proceedings and evacuate but is refused. Ultimately, with the successful defense of the conference, Olympus was granted total control of every nation's orbiting satellites.

It is later discovered that the rioters were controlled by the Connexus device, the newest technology trend that had spread through Olympus. The government attempted to round up as many of these devices as possible, they were too late, as the satellites were hijacked to take control of everyone in Olympus. They were spared a potential overthrow when ESWAT managed to take out the source. As the dawn greeted Olympus, Nike commented that man seeks to yearn for his own destruction. Athena agrees but adds that his spirit is what pulls him back from the brink, which is why humanity is a race worth saving.

Appleseed XIII[]


A light-haired woman is seen advising Athena. While she doesn't initially receive a name caption as other characters do, it is fair to assume this is also her.


Being a Bioroid, Nike is devoid of negative emotions such as anger or hatred. And being a Bioroid makes her entirely efficient, sometimes cold in her demeanour.