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This article contains information that applies MOSTLY to the 2004 and 2007 Shinji Aramaki interpretations of the Appleseed saga. Be sure to read the Notes and References section.
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ORA chopper

A troop transport chopper belonging to the ORA.

The Olmypus Regular Army is the human military force that protected the city-state of Olympus from the threat of external invasion or large-scale terrorism, at least up until 2131. Bioroids were not allowed to populate the Army's ranks, partially due to their biological inability to kill others, but also due to the leadership's disfavor of their species in general. More commonly known as the ORA, it operated in near-total independence to the other Olympian power structures in place, such as Central Management Bureau and ES.W.A.T., often to their disadvantage.

Formation and Evolution[]

The ORA was originally an armed division of the early Central Management Bureau, an organization which was at first charged with overseeing the governance of all the combined nations on Earth during the mid to late 21st century (see Pre-Olympian Governments for more info). Following its inability to quell several small global conflicts that later escalated into World War III, and the destruction of a large part of the earth's population, the Bureau was reformed in miniature and relocated to the last politically stable city on the planet, Olympus. Although the armed division was relocated as well, it had to quickly split from its parent, as severe incompatibiliites quickly developed over the rapidly changing views of the Bureau. More specifically, its sudden reversal of opinion on the development of Bioroids, from militant opposition, to outright support for their existence, and then widespread adoption of the species for political leaders and legislature members.

Lead from its inception to its possible dissolution by General Uranus III, the ORA has been known more for its history of chafing against the Bioroid society rather than its more subtle efforts at protecting the city in general. Some members, the late Col. Hades in specific, took their hatred for the genetically-engineered community to such an extreme as to fund an independent terrorist operations within the city that targeted them in particular. At the climax of this period of antipathy, the ORA also attempted a coup that would retake the Legislative House and reinstate human control of the country, at the expense of outright Bioroid genocide. When these plans ultimately backfired, the ORA offered a truce with the MB, and appears to have been disbanded after that point.


  • Landmates (unofficially used for Bioroid terrorism purposes) [1] [2]
  • Bullpup-variant M16A2 assault rifles (fictional, non-Seburo) [3]
  • Combat helicopters
  • Troop transport helicopters

Notes and References[]

  • The ORA is seen only in Appleseed (2004), and does not appear in the manga series. As the movie did employ multiple plot segments found in book one, The Promethean Challenge and book two, The Chains of Prometheus, even Appleseed Hypernotes, the military force was used for continuity purposes, to tie these elements together.
  1. This is a direct throwback to The Chains of Prometheus, where Republic of Munma terrorists employ similar Landmates.
  2. The distinct design of the ORA rogue Landmates seen in Appleseed (2004 is recycled in Appleseed XIII, though its unclear what terrorist faction is employing them.
  3. Seen in Appleseed (2004) when the ORA surrounds Deunan and Briareos on the deck of the offshore Biorioid rig. Not thought to be of Seburo descent, as there are no triple-circle motifs on the weapon's stocks.