In the newer CGI film episodes, a mix of Seburo and other, unidentified weapons are seen, some totally fictional, and some variations on real world guns.

  • Glock 19: This polymer frame, blowback operated automatic handgun, popular with real life police forces, is seen prominently in Ex Machina as Deunan Knute's personal sidearm, replacing the Seburo Bobson Centennial seen in the 2004 movie and earlier manga. Possibly a variation or improvement on the Model 19 (a "Glock 20," perhaps?) as it features finger holds on both the front and back of the slide (for dual-position chambering), as well as a more angular trigger guard, somewhat akin to a Seburo design.
  • Bullpup M16A2: Seen only in the 2004 movie, used by Olympus Regular Army soldiers, this fictional (and unidentified) assault rifle design appears to be a direct copy of the American M16, with minor variations. Notably, the magazine is relocated, and is bullpup positioned, behind the trigger group rather than in front of it, as it appears in real life.