Prada cap

The knitted and bejewelled cap Deunan wears in Ex Machina

An Appleseed convert after watching the first of the trilogy films in 2004, Miucca Prada quickly volunteered her talent for some costume design work in the 2007 sequel Ex Machina. It isn't exactly clear if Ms. Prada was commissioned for the project, or simply offered the unique outfits as a complimentary gesture.

She was later heard saying this on Fashion Television:

"Watching the previous ‘Appleseed,’ I thought that the expression of contrast in man and machine, violence and love was wonderful. I designed something contemporary that matches the movie’s feelings."

Two outfits were designed, a cocktail dress and a black jumper, both seen here. Although the clothes were likely inspired by two examples found in a real-world Prada collection ("Metripolitan Armor") that debuted in 2006, a year before the sequel was released, the Appleseed garments are slightly unique in their detailing and as such have never been commercially made outside of CGI.

It's not known whether or not unofficial replicas of the outfits were ever made by fans, or the Japanese cosplay subculture. If anyone knows, please drop me a line on my Talk page.