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Prior to the formation of Olympus, the world saw governance by several large organizations, all of which ultimately failed in their aim to prevent world war or to unite the nations on the planet. A few such examples are:

United Nations[]

The same multinational governing body as today's, the UN appears to have dissolved during the early part of the 2100s, only to be reformed as the Global Administration Agency. The 230+ nation organization was unable to prevent the first stirrings of World War III, which would prove to be the most devastating armed conflict known to man at the time, and the first to have involved the widespread use of nuclear weapons.

Global Administration Agency[]

As a successor to the UN, the Global Administration Agency, or GAA, shared a lot in common with the old organization, differing in that it was much smaller in size and appears to have been chaired by fewer host nations, although it's jurisdiction was ultimately worldwide nevertheless. It commanded its own large military, which following the GAA's dissolution following World War IV, and reformation as the Central Management Bureau of Olympus, became known as the Olympus Regular Army, independent from its former parent.