Project Elpis was the name of a motion tabled by the Council of Seven Elders, that would see the majority of Olympuses' human residents "reconditioned," both mentally and biologically to be perfect, blurring the line between regular humanity and Bioroids. The nature of the reconditioning process wasn't too clear, but would likely involve a significant amount of brainwashing.

Proposed out of fear that even Olympus would one day fall to humanity's need for violence and destruction, despite the social insulation provided by the Bioroids, the majority of the Central Management Bureau's Legislative House viewed the motion as a potential species domination scheme, which would ultimately see the demise of natural, non-engineered humans in Olympus.

The Project was one of the main plot elements in the second volume of the Appleseed manga, Prometheus Unbound.

Athena Areios, at the time only Administrative Director (and not the Prime Minister she would later become,) as the most verbal oppoonent of Project Elpis, even though it would in theory eliminate the risk of social collapse, something she dedicates her life to preventing.

Links and Trivia[]

  • Elpis is the ancient Greek word for "hope." In the fable of Pandora's Box, Elpis is the only thing left in the mythical container, after all the evils have escaped from it and contaminated the world.
  • In the manga, when ordering discussions about Project Elpis to cease immediately in the Legislature, Athena stands, pounds her desk with two hands, and shouts "Quiet please!" This scene was later recreated faithfully in Appleseed: Ex Machina, only now Athena is addressing the G32, and the topic under consideration is global security.
  • The summary for Prometheus Unbound (the current edition by Dark Horse Publishing) states: "you can't have a perfect society without perfect people, and the only perfect people are the ones you can manufacture."