"Even if we've been kicked out of Eden, we have to try to survive! We have to believe the future is what we make of it!"

Deunan Knute challenging the Seven Elders (Appleseed: 2004).

"Truth is the best weapon, honesty the best strategy."

Nike lecturing Deunan Knute prior to her induction into ES.W.A.T. (Prometheus Unbound).

"What a strange creature is man, that he would choose to cage himself so willingly."

Athena Areios musing about humanity's need to live in cities (Appleseed: 2004).

"Their pride led them to devlop a distorted sense of reality."

Yoshino explaining how the scientists of Halcon descended into evil (Appleseed: Ex Machina).

"Silver bullets hurt plenty, my boy!"

Deunan Knute comforting Briareos while in hospital (The Promethean Challenge).

"Next time, just say yes; it's simpler that way."

Briareos Hecatonchires giving Deunan some interpersonal advice (Appleseed: Hypernotes).