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This article contains information that applies MOSTLY to Shirow Masamune's original manga interpretation of the Appleseed saga.
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Seburo Bobson

A fanbase created interpretation of a Bobson Centennial.

The Seburo Bobson Centennial is a fictional, blowback operated automatic handgun, used frequently in the Appleseed manga [1] [2] [3] by series heroine Deunan Knute, [4] alongside a Colt M1911 style handgun.


Approximately the size of a Walther PPK/S concealed-carry pistol, [5] the Bobson uses 6 millimeter bullets, fed from a 23-round capacity magazine conventionally loaded into the hand grip. Bobson 6mm rounds are HV-class (high-velocity) in nature, and are suggested to behave similarly to 10mm rifle ordinance. In appearance, they are much slimmer than traditional 9mm handgun bullets, and also significantly longer. [6]

Ignition variety[]

Ignition is provided by a double-action trigger, which releases a striking hammer.

Other info[]

Icon Seburo

Slide detail.

The Bobson is designed primarily for right-handed operation, as the shell casing ejection port is located on the right side of the weapon.

One of Seburo's first designs, dating back prior to the arm-maker's acquisition by Poseidon, Centennial Editions are in limited production around the year 2126, featuring a prominent signature along the right side of the handgun's blowback slide.

Notes and References[]

  1. In the 2004 movie it's unclear whether or not Deunan's "memento" handgun, previously owned by her father Carl Knute is actually a Bobson, owing to several deviations from the original design, most notably the overall size of the weapon. That said, a prominent triple-circle motif on the pistol grip confirms it is some kind of Seburo.
  2. Also, In the manga series (the end of Prometheus Unbound), Carl Knute is said to have used a Steyr G8 9mm handgun during his police career, and not a Seburo.
  3. In Ex Machina, Deunan appears to have foregone Seburo altogether for her choice of sidearms, and uses a Glock style handgun instead.
  4. The Bobson isn't seen until The Scales of Prometheus, but goes unnamed until the short story 26 Called Game, featured in Appleseed ID.
  5. Based on the size of the weapon as compared to Deunan's hand. Also, fanbase built replicas of the Bobson are frequently constructed using Umarex PPK/S airgun frames and a base.
  6. As per a footnote by Shirow Masamune, seen in Appleseed ID.

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