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1988 DVD cover

Seburo CX

A resin replica of the Seburo C-X, built on the frame of a Walther PPK/S airgun.

The Seburo Compact-eXploder (more commonly referred to as the Seburo C-X), is a simple blowback-operated, magazine fed bulpup compact machine pistol . Very similar to the Bobson in overall proportions, the C-X is different visually and mechanically due to the extended slide on the top of the weapon, the bulpup configuration of the weapon and the unconvential magazine with an unusually small magwell that has no visual magazine retention mechanism or magazine release. This unconventional and exotic (though likely problematic) design has likely lead to the following of the weapon.  

Because of the length of the barrel in comparison to the slide the C-X can outperform other compact weapons. But thanks to the height of ironsights above the barrel, a problem shared with origionally and most notably the M16 without proper training the weapon is seemingly innacurate at medium to short ranges, with you having to aim above the target to hit the target. One misconception is that the C-X also exhibits satisfactory precision over long ranges, similar to a rifle. This is false, the barrel length and difference in cartridge would make it superior to pistols, but thanks to the lack of any stock, the still short barrel when the larger, more powerful caliber of ammunition is taken into account, the sub par ironsights and the minimal weight of the gun while still firing powerful ammunition leading to overwhelming recoil this pistol is very unlikely to connect shots with distant targets and so can only be relagated as a weapon only intended for close quarters combat. 

Alongside being limited by range and overwhelming recoil, this weapon is impractical as it would require extensive training and thanks to its exotic bulpup design it would require proprietary holsters, propriatary magasines (which require propriatary ammunition) and extensive modifications for it to even start to comply with standardised accesories e.g. flashlights, optics, lasers ect. These are all flaws inherent to this unconventional design that would make it a ludicrously expensive weapon that offers no advantage over competing products and Sebuero would be lucky to even get a contract to sell this firearm in any large numbers due to the extensive cost to the buyer.

Compact-eXploders are seen sometimes in the original manga series, as well as in the 2004 CGI movie.

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