Snake Plissken is the name of a character, played by Kurt Russell, from John Carpenter's Escape From New York, a 1981 dystopian sci-fi movie that is credited as being on of the first films in the infancy of the cyberpunk genre, along with more notable entries like Blade Runner of 1982.

Appleseed author Shirow Masamune was reportedly a big fan of the film, to the point of including a brief cameo in 1987's manga volume of Appleseed, The Scales of Prometheus. Plissken, in Russell's exact likeness, appears only in one frame, as an ES.W.A.T. enlistee rescued from the badlands, participating in a wargame simulation. Not pictured, a few frames later, he can be later heard uttering the famous line "Call me Snake." The cameo is obviously meant as a humorous tribute, non-canon, as Plissken's character hearkens back to a then-futuristic 1990s, and not the 2120s of the Appleseed timeframe.