Tartaros (left) and Daidalos (right), as seen in Appleseed (2004).

Tartaros (also spelled Tartarus) is the name of one of two large arcologies situated in downtown Olympus, the other sometimes dubbed "Daidalos" in certain parts of the saga. While all of Tartaros' potential purposes are unclear, it has been mentioned that the facade of the structure is a 600,000 square yard [1] heliostat mirror [2] for the collection and concentration of solar power, while the city-state's seat of government (the Central Management Bureau) is also located here. The supercomputer known as Gaia also resides at the building's core, reaching out to the furthest parts of the city via fibreoptic link. [3] The total height of both Tartaros and Daidalos is 2,626 feet, or 800 metres. [4]

Notes and References[]


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