Tereus (1)
Bioroid (fourth generation prototype)
One year old (appears older)
ES.W.A.T. wingman and assist

Tereus is a bioroid made primarily of genes from Briareos, therefore resembling him as he was before he became a cyborg. A member of the new fourth generation of Bioroids, he still is possessed of highly-regulated emotions, but has the ability and mental capacity to engage in combat and kill, but only in the interest of law enforcement and lifesaving ventures. Unlike humans, he can't be provoked into violence and would never let anger affect his judgement.

His slightly relaxed emotional constraints allow him to lie, but with great difficulty, and again, can only perform this "antisocial" action if it is part of a bigger picture that will benefit society. He once falsely claimed to have killed Briareos, but only to allow him to escape Olympus in order to then defeat the Halcon organization. ES.W.A.T. had previously been hunting Briareos, believing that his Halcon virus infection had turned him into a murderer, and that he had killed Dr. Richard Kestner, when in reality Kestner's death was a suicide. Tereus later joined Briareos and Deunan in attempting to take down Halcon. By its end, he asked his comrades to leave him behind, believing that another copy of him can be made. Deunan refuses to abandon him just as Poseidon flew in to rescue them. Tereus was soon patched up. Which watching both Deunan and Briareos embrace while watching the sunrise, Arges asked Tereus if he's okay. Tereus admitted that he's fine. He admits that Deunan and Briareos will always be together while he'll have to find his own girl. Arges chuckles that they can probably make one for him before they set a course for Olympus.

Personality and traits[]

Being derived primarily from Briareos, Tereus naturally exhibits a few elements of his personality, and even shares some affection for Deunan Knute. He remembers a lot of her own habits and personal preferences, for example, instinctively knowing that she drinks espresso sweetened with orange. Deunan isn't entirely unsettled by this, but still favours the "real" Briareos, despite his lack of a body.

Links and Trivia[]

  • Tereus is the youngest of all the Bioroids seen in Appleseed, and is possibly not even one year old when he appears in Ex Machina. However, he bears the appearance of being as old as Briareos prior to his injuries in World War III, or about twenty-six.
  • Along with Deunan and Briareos, a one-sixth scale action figure of Tereus was offered by Hot Toys in 2007. Although we don't have any photos of the Tereus model, more details on the series of figures can be seen on the Adult Collectables page.
  • Unlike Briareos, Tereus has 2 long bangs, but he has the same birthmark